Best Way To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

best way to germinate marijuana seeds

(00:17) What YOU Need:
Paper Towels:
Bottled Water:
Heat Mat:
Heat Mat Controller:
Nursery Plant Cells:
Spray Bottles:
Plant Labels:
Ph Test Kit:
Seedling Grow Light:
and can’t forget SEEDS!

(00:33) Step 1: Wash Your Hands (Thoroughly)
(00:44) Step 2: Dampen Paper Towel
(00:58) Step 3: Laying Seeds
(01:11) Step 4: Cover Seeds (This will increase humidity causing seeds too open)
(01:19) Step 5: Use of Heat Mat

(01:54) Transplanting Germinated Marijuana Seeds
( Find Out How To Care For Your Seedling here:

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When germinating cannabis seeds, think springtime conditions

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how to germinate marijuana seeds the best way?
the best way to germinate cannabis seeds requires only a few steps first you will need 1 cup 1saucer or plates some moist paper towel and water .
watch this step by step guide on how to germinate marijuana seeds with a 100% success rate and how to plant your germinated cannabis seeds safely :).

i prefer this method of germinating marijuana seeds to ‘the paper towel’ weed germination method where seeds are placed between or under moist paper towels.
best way to germinate cannabis seeds? so this is one way to germinate your marijuana seeds.
find out how to germinate your marijuana seeds and get growing today…

there were two feminized marijuana seeds left in the package which is probably four or five years old..
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