How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: A Step-By-Step Guide For Cannabis Growers

How to germinate cannabis seeds

A step-by-step guide for cannabis growers, by Percys Grow Room.

Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds with our step-by-step cannabis seed germination guide.

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How Do I Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

To start your cannabis grow, you will most likely be starting from seed. In this guide on how to germinate cannabis seeds, you will learn how to germinate your seeds with a 95% success rate.

Cannabis seeds will germinate very quickly, and as long as you have bought seeds with good genetics, from a well-respected seed bank, your seed should be popped, and growing above ground within a week.

You may be eager to get started, but take your time, and let nature take its course. The cannabis seeds will need a stable environment when they are germinating.

Be patient, as long as you have followed this guide, your seed should germinate within a week.

Grow your own cannabis at home by starting with this guide on how to germinate cannabis seeds effectively.

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Germinating cannabis seeds is easily achieved through this method which is suitable for new growers, all the way to the most experienced cannabis growers.


It can be tempting to germinate a cannabis seed you found in a bag a bud. But these seeds will have unknown genetics, and may “Hermie”! This renders the cannabis plant essentially useless if you were after some quality smoke.

The Paper Towel Method For Cannabis Seed Germination

The paper towel method is the most commonly used technique to germinate cannabis seeds.After your seeds have been soaked, you will need to prepare some things before moving the seeds onto paper towels:

4-6 Paper Towels
2 x Plates or Saucers
Cling film/ Plastic wrap

Step 1: Wet a paper towel (or 2, depending on how thick the towels are), so it is wet, but not dripping with water, place this on top of one of your saucers.

Next, place your seeds, around the paper towel on top of the plate. Space them out evenly, and then cover them, with another paper towel.

Lightly wet the paper towel that covers the cannabis seeds, and then, turn your second saucer upside down, and place it over the top of the seeds like a dome.

Step 2: Paper Towels
Wrap the saucers in cling film, so that no moisture can easily escape. Now, you have to store it in a warm place, like your heated propagator, modem, or games console for 24 hours.

Check on the paper towels after 8 hours, just to ensure they have not dried out. If moisture is escaping, then the towel may dry out. This will cause your cannabis seed to dehydrate and die.

After 24-48 hours, you should see the cannabis seed is cracking, and a taproot is forming. This is a good time to plant your cannabis seed into the growing medium.