Cooking With Cannabis – How to Make Tincture in Minutes not Months

Tinctures are one of the most cost effective and precise ways to dose your cannabis prescription.

It can be taken straight under your tongue a few drops at a time or used to infuse any number of other recipes.

Topicals, edibles or taken straight. Tincture is an incredibly potent and versatile way to consume your cannabinoids.

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7g decarboxylated cannabis
1 1/4 c over-proof (60%+) alcohol

Place ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously for 10 minutes.

Strain out plant matter and you’re all done!

Starting dose is usually 0.25ml as needed. Remember to start low, go slow and test every batch*.

Remember everyone is unique and will react to each given strain differently.

*Even the same strain can give different results based on processing.

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