Is Seedsman a SCAM?! (Seed Bank Review)

Doing something different today after seeing a bunch of negative press about Seedsman seed bank. I can’t speak for everyone else, but this was MY experience with Seedsman.

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*Grow info*
Strain: Topanga Canyon OG by Jungle Boys
Origin: Hermaphrodite plants grown by a friend
Type: Photoperiod

Vivosun 60x60x72 (5x5x6) Grow Tent
(2) King Plus 1500W LEDs
Vivosun Fabric Grow Pots
iPower 6 Inch Inline Carbon Filter/Fan
Vivosun 6 Inch Clip-on Oscillating Fan
Garden Fun Hose Filter
hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier
Govee Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi hygrometer

Nutrient/Foliar Solutions
General Hydroponics Flora Trio (Micro, Gro, Bloom)
Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus
Dynagro Organic Neem Oil
Dynagro Protekt (Emulsifier + Nutrient Supplement)
Quinn’s Organic Castile Soap (Emulsifier)
Great White Mycorrhizae

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